Is it ready for Rails 4?

Check easily whether a gem is ready for Rails 4 or not.

983 registered gems, 508 ready, 38 not ready, and 436 unknown
Name Status Notes Status or notes updated
pdfkit unknown

8 days ago
isuggest ready

11 days ago
guard ready

Guard is used by rails apps, but does not run from Rails; so Guard will not have issues with Rails upgrades

16 days ago
concerned_with unknown

Not sure

17 days ago
payday ready

does not depend on rails

26 days ago
acts_as_revisionable unknown

27 days ago
delocalize ready

since gem version 0.4.0

27 days ago
susy ready

Does not depends on rails

about 1 month ago
roulette ready

does not depend on Rails

about 1 month ago
wykop ready

working with rails4

about 1 month ago
blackjack ready

does not depend on Rails

about 1 month ago
casino ready

does not depend on Rails

about 2 months ago
paypal unknown 2 months ago
attribute_defaults ready

2 months ago
nyan-cat-formatter ready

Works with our rails 4.1.6 app

2 months ago
searchkick ready

Works with rails 4.1.6.

2 months ago
react-rails ready

It works in our rails 4.1.6 app.

2 months ago
plutus unknown

please help find out

3 months ago
ratyrate ready

I am maintaining this gem and I tested it with Rails 4 and it's working.

3 months ago
info ready 3 months ago