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994 registered gems, 520 ready, 37 not ready, and 436 unknown
Name Status Notes Status or notes updated
jc-validates_timeliness ready

(README)[] stated

This is a Rails 4-compatible fork of the original validates_timeliness gem by Adam Meehan.

13 days ago
wiser_chat ready

It is working properly.

20 days ago
wiser_timezone ready

It is working properly.

20 days ago
wiser_date ready

It is working properly.

20 days ago
attr_encrypted ready

See Jason's comment below

about 1 month ago
pincode ready

Ready for all rails versions

about 2 months ago
client_side_validations ready about 2 months ago
date_format ready

Worked fine with Rails 3 and Rails 4. Visit the link for further details :

2 months ago
reportable ready

Gem file has
rails '~> 4.1'

3 months ago
resources ready 3 months ago
factis ready

I am the author, and I use it extensively in testing my Rails 4 apps.

5 months ago
jquery_datepicker not ready

See article:

The package here worked fine for me:

5 months ago
tolk ready

Tolk is compatible with Rails 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2. README

5 months ago
pdfkit unknown

6 months ago
isuggest ready

6 months ago
guard ready

Guard is used by rails apps, but does not run from Rails; so Guard will not have issues with Rails upgrades

6 months ago
concerned_with unknown

Not sure

6 months ago
payday ready

does not depend on rails

6 months ago
acts_as_revisionable unknown

6 months ago
delocalize ready

since gem version 0.4.0

6 months ago